Thursday, March 4, 2010

TWTW: Electricity

Everywhere I've been in Africa, there is one company that has a monopoly over the electricity. They charge exorbitant prices and can choose to cut off power at any time.

Here in Dakar, my house has been having plenty "coupure de courants" or blackouts recently. I call it our fast from the television, which feels like an unwanted backdrop to my life here.

My family has a simple set up for electricity- a energy-efficient long-lasting lightbulb in each room (but not the bathrooms) and a plug here and there. With that and the TV and fridge they pay about $50 a month, which they find expensive. Below is my room, with a window to the hallway (oh, privacy, how I miss thee) and my lightbulb and plug.

My father built our house and he also did the electricity. Our house is equipped to provide much more light and sound than it does. But for now it's too expensive. In any case, I hope they work out the fuse box before that happens.

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