Friday, February 5, 2010

Sorry Mom, I'm joining a roller-gang.

That's right. Today I was enlightened. I now have a goal in life.

As I was walking home, on the side of the VDN, one of the biggest highways in Dakar, where cars go pretty darn fast (I'm not good at estimating speed), there came buzzing down the road a group of 4 young men wearing roller blades and roller skates, holding onto the back of a truck. At the cross-street where I was standing they let go of the truck and did some spinny tricks and stuff (I'm not aware yet of the technical terms).

A couple of seconds later about ten more spun and rolled off. They then proceeded to catch other rides with trucks. Only one truck refused to let them roll along. All the others acted like this was normal. They either got the trucks as they were going slow turning onto the road or built up enough speed to catch a truck cruising by.

I have been searching for a cheap, yet fast way to get to school and I think I've found it. The only problem is that it's CRAZY AND DANGEROUS. Welcome to Senegalese extreme sports.

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