Monday, February 1, 2010

TWTW: Television Shows

I am convinced that there are two types of families in Dakar. And no, I am not referring to Christian and Muslim. I'm not even referring to Southern and Northern Senegal or poor and rich.

I'm referring to the families who watch Prison Break and the families who watch Vaidehi. I happen to have landed in the Prison Break camp.

Prison Break, if you're not in the know, was first aired in 2005 and had, from what I can tell from IMDB, four seasons. Well folks, we're finally in the fourth season here. They show the new episodes about every other day from what I can tell, maybe even every day. I'm clearly not good at following it because it is dubbed over in French. I cannot tell you how frustrating it is to watch something where people's mouths are moving in English and but I still can't understand what's going on. I also don't know that Prison Break was that original or amazing in the United States. But according to my brother, the writers were the most brilliant writers ever and the show is "extraordinaire".

I don't really find it that exciting but compared to the other shows on TV, which are mainly Spanish soap operas (not even the good ones, like there's not even attractive people in them) also dubbed over in French.

The one exception to this Spanish soap opera dominance, and that is Vaidehi. While my family does not normally watch this show, the star was in Senegal this last week, and she was all over the news, so we let ourselves go and watched one episode this week. All I can say is that I've ever seen so many different close-ups of the same person in quick succession. It is truly a cinematic feat. Instead of ranting more about how I can't stand the television here, I thought that I'd share some tidbits of this Bollywood feat right here. Enjoy.

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