Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Chaussures- Shoes

Shoes are a big deal. So are socks. I just got two new pairs of sandals to prepare for my trip. I love both of them. So I thought I'd share and practice my review writing skillz.

Keene Barbados Sandals- can't stub your toes, comfy with a bottom that has tread, unlike Teva's comfier flip-flops.

Crocs Malindi- somehow cute, comfortable, quality, and cheap at the same time without looking too much like the dreadful Crocs. I got black and brown BOGO!

But I also must remain true to my old faithful shoe options that will definitely be coming with me.

Merrell's- Breathing, sturdy, great hot weather hiking shoes, but this model isn't waterproof.

Chaco's- so comfortable and durable. I like sans toe strap. I got mine at REI on clearance for $70 three years ago and they're still running strong.

Socks- I wish I could always go with SmartWool, they're amazing but a little pricey. I keep my eyes peeled for sales.

This year, I've been depending on Sierra Trading Post for everything footwear related. They have great sales right now, but shipping is never free. Still great prices.

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