Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Packing like I've never packed before.

Ahead of time.

Sunday was electronics day. Highlight: new keychain with new 8 GB USB, computer cord lock, bottle opener, and tiny mace.

Yesterday was food day. 25 clif/luna bars, one gigantic jar of peanut butter, 3 packs of favorite gum, almonds, and go. Clif bars taste so American when you're not in America. It's amazing. Interesting fact- one of Senegal's top crops is ground nuts, yet there is no peanut butter in the country. At least I had a warning.

Today is toiletries day. I brought 3 gigantic bottles of shampoo, conditioner and body wash to rural Kenya last summer. That didn't work out because there wasn't enough water to wash away the amount of soap I wanted to use. I do not know what the water situation in Dakar is exactly, but I bet it'll be better than that. I'll probably bring less of the same stuff this time. I also have less hair.

Next is books. That's always the hardest for me. I'm a pen and notebook snob, so I'll probably bring those along for my classes.

Seems to me that the more I travel, the less clothes I need. I get high quality clothes that can take a beating (laundry by hand) and be worn every day. I fill up the extra suitcase room with all of the above. Of course an average temperature of 75 degrees doesn't require lots of layers. (Yes, I'm bragging.)

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