Monday, January 18, 2010

Cross-Culture List-a-RAMA

I’m sorry if I’ve overused lists on this blogs. I’m not sure how intellectually rigorous it is to make lists rather than pontificate in long paragraphs using lots of passive voice. For now I’ll stick with the former.

Here’s a list that you won’t see often- it’s not what I find weird about Senegal but instead of people in Senegal find strange about me. Believe me, they do think I’m strange.

Why I’m strange to Senegalese people:

1. I don’t finish all the food on my plate, specifically the fish heads.

2. My verbal responses have an average delay of 2 seconds.

3. I don’t follow directions well (because I don’t understand).

4. I laugh randomly when I finally understand what’s going on.

5. I say when I dislike something (I stopped doing that now).

6. I dislike some types of food, like fish heads. Also, papaya.

7. I have a “Mexican” accent.

8. I walk to school (because I can’t figure out the bus system).

9. I don’t know how to wash my own clothes.

10. I like cold coffee (which apparently doesn’t exist here).

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