Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Maangi fi rekk.

Maangi fi rekk is "I am here only" in Wolof, which is the typical response to "How do you do?".

We had our first Wolof class yesterday at WARC, where I'll be taking most of my classes this spring. Our professor's name is CD, which I don't know how to spell in Wolof, but his nickname, given to him many years ago, is Q-Tip. (He's super skinny.) All our other classes will start next week.

For now, I'll just give you my favorite slip-ups en français.

1. Instead of saying I caught a cold from my father, I said that I caught my father.

2. Instead of saying I like Lebanese food, I said that I like Lebanese cousins.

But, everyone is very pleasant when I say that in French, I sound stupid. They don't say that I don't sound stupid, they just say that it's okay and that it will come. Luckily, my host family speaks decent English in case I don't understand.


  1. Keep talking, Emily! That's the way to learn... and, er... communicate! Glad to hear that you are liking the food. It is weird that there are no men in the program.

    Gramma is doing well, making good progress. Hope your Dad is getting better too! I hope you don't have quite what he has/had!! Take care, Emily!

    Love and prayers...

  2. your mom sent me the photo of "little Emily" What an honor to have a child named after you. Can't wait to read more about your adventures.