Saturday, January 9, 2010

Je suis arrivée.

I'm here. Some random rantings because I've been up all day without much sleep:

The ceilings in the little hotel/hostel we're staying in are very ornate for the quality of the place. I wonder why that is.

I can help clean up from dinner here without fighting, actually it's expected, which is a 180 degree switch from Kenya. I also get to wash my own underwear, because it's rude to let other people see it.

I like the food so far.

There are only women on my program. Why do only women want to study abroad in West Africa?

Today we did cultural orientation and a little walk around Yoff, the neighborhood by the airport. Pictures later.


  1. Glad that you arrived safely. Know that we are praying for you in Panama. What's the weather like there? Do you have your own room? What was for dinner that you liked? Just a few questions. love you, Aunt Jonna

  2. THey use spices in their food! And the weather is great. Between 65 and 90 and sunny all the time. Can get pretty hot though. I do have my own room and my own bathroom, I got very lucky.